Life Deserves a Second Look!

Here's Why

Double Check is the design to watch for, literally!

DBL✓ was created with the clear intention of saving the lives of innocent and helpless children and pets.

Oftentimes, people who are guardians of children and pets are also the ones running errands, taking calls, working, preparing meals, and completing most other chores known to parents and guardians.

Adults get so busy that sometimes they function on fumes. it is during these times when they have forgotten that sleeping baby or pet in the back seat. Either something – a reminder – jogged their memory and they were able to safely retrieve the child or pet, or nothing jogged their memory and life was tragically lost.

DBL✓ is useful for not only reminding us to take a second look, but it also engages our community to be on the lookout for a baby or pet left in a hot vehicle. Just look for the DBL✓ decals, bumper stickers, hang tags, magnets, and flags, take a peek inside the vehicle and go from there. It still takes a village to raise, or in this case, save a life.

We offer several DBL✓ products to help bring personal and community awareness to hot car/vehicle deaths. Just by having this logo displayed, you could be instrumental in saving a precious life.

Every year an average of 38 children under 15 years old die from heatstroke after being left in a vehicle. Since 1998 nearly every state in the United States has experienced at least one child heatstroke death as a result of being left in a vehicle. In 2018, 53 children died after being left in a hot vehicle. In 2019, 52 children died from the same cause. Information provided by kidsandcars.org

How can we help

Apply DBL✓ to your bumper, windows, and/or hang tag from rearview mirror. When the community notices this design, we simply double check the car for a baby or pet. The best thing that could result is there is no baby or pet left behind. And, if there is a baby or pet left behind, you could be the one to help save that life.